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Iceland and All Its Glory

Talked about Europe, One of the main destinations for tourists all over the world with its diverse culture, historical buildings and cities, breathtaking scenery, food galore and its shopping destinations. While we know Europe is a continent consisting of many countries, only a few countries and cities commonly visited by tourists. 

Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Venice, Milan are one of the most commonly visited cities in Europe. Don’t get me wrong, These cities are beautiful, but many of us are too focused on the common cities  that we forgot that Europe has more to offer other than those cities. 

If I had to choose one city amongst many in Europe , I would pick Reykjavik in a heartbeat.

Where do i start, I’m not really an adventurous holiday type of guy, so when I accidentally said yes to a trip to Iceland, i was slightly unamused with the thought of going into a Reykjavik, a random city situated far from the rest of europe. 

Landed in Reykjavik, and boy I was wrong, I remember thinking on how i should put my foot in my mouth and not being presumptuous. Landed in a small city airport surrounded by scenery so beautiful as if it was downloaded straight from google images to your eyes, and it is only in the freakin airport, makes me wonder what else reykjavik has to offer. 

A small city, situated in the southwestern of Iceland, was home to around 220,000 people of Iceland, and that is over 65 % of the country’s population. It is the center of Iceland’s economic, cultural and governmental activities. 

It offers a lot of beautiful scenery and Tourist spots, that is out of this world, especially when you are visiting in the Winter season where everything is covered in Snow and you might be able to catch a Northern light ( If you’re very very lucky). It is picture perfect at every corner, whether you’re doing it for the gram, or for your own use (I won’t judge).

Stepping foot into Iceland’s Reykjavik feels surreal and out of this world experience. You will encounter many waterfalls and frozen caves that you can explore, also many activities such as hiking the active volcanic mountain, playing Snow mobile, experiencing the iceland culinary festivities, as well as stopping by at many random beautiful scenery and architecture. 

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Don’t forget to visit the famous blue lagoon, a geothermal hot spring surrounded by lava fields and snow. 

Do explore many beautiful architecture in Reykjavik from the churches, city hall, colorful houses, and a must visit reykjavik Opera House. 

 Also, do explore your adrenaline and be adventurous by hiking to the numerous active volcanic mountains. Not being really adventurous myself, I went to climb and hike mount Eyjafjallajökull, although i can certainly say that it was my first time and certainly my last time ( please dont judge, or do judge I don’t care)

And last but not least, do try your luck and go into the Aurora Hunt. If you’re lucky and I mean really really lucky you can experience Aurora with your naked eye. I was lucky enough to experience this myself. 

And that’s all folks, this is merely a tiny explanation compared to what Reykjavik has to offer, but this is just to give you a glimpse and intrigue you to visit this beautiful country. 

At the end of the day, the world is yours to explore and you only live once, so make the most of it. 

Tuan Muda Out !!

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